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Top 10 Best Electronic Drum Kit Reviews UK

Compare Our Top 10 Best Electronic Drum Kits

If you are a beginner or a professional in the world of electronic drum kits and you are planning to buy the best electronic drum kit, this article discusses the top ten e-kits ideal for you. There are many electronic drum kits specifically designed for professionals and beginners to play but it can be tough to pick one especially if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. Don’t worry because after reading this article, you’ll be able to find an electronic drum kit that suits you.

Of course the price of these electronic drum kits varies depending on different factors but that should be a story for another day because today we want to look at the top ten electronic drum kits based on what they offer.  Unless you prefer to practice your vocals then we suggest opting for a home karaoke machine.

We all know that there are many electronic drum kits that come with different features and benefits for all types of users these days but it takes detailed research to find the best electronic drum kit for beginners and professionals.

We will discuss each electronic drum set in a detailed manner by looking at features and also find out whether it’s suitable for beginners or professionals.

Our Top 10 Best Electronic Drum Kit Reviews

1) Hizek 7 Pad Portable Roll Up Drum Pad

Average user rating (5 / 5)

  • 24-inch drum pads.
  • 2-foot pedals and drum sticks.
  • ABS + Silica gel waterproof material.
  • 7 different pads to make your own music.
  • Compatible with MAC or PC for easy sound editing.
  • Foldable, compact and easily portable.

Are you planning to dip your toe into the world of electronic drums? Then look no further than Hizek 7 Pad Portable electronic drum kit. Rated our best electronic drum kit due to its low cost and ease to get started.

Being designed specifically for a beginner does not mean that it’s a toy because it comes with 4 different tones and excellent sound quality for you to enjoy music. This is the most recommended drum kit for children and beginners.

A highly portable drum kit because of its ultra-thin and foldable design made from silicon material. You can always take it with you to events or anywhere. Thanks to its convenient and easily foldable material. Its sound transmission technology is excellent as you can enjoy real sounds and tones on speaker or headphones.    

This drum set is made from a wear-resisting material with a waterproof appearance making it ideal for newbies in the world of electronic drums. The Hizek 7 Pad is a cheap electronic drum set ideal for anyone planning to have fun by playing their favourite tunes.



2) Alesis Compactkit 7

Average user rating (4.3 / 5)

  • Built-in metronome and self-recording feature.
  • 45-preset drum kits and hand percussion feature.
  • 2 pedals for kick drum and hi-hat.
  • 7-velocity-sensitive drum pads for realistic sound.
  • 100 play along songs and 265 percussion voices.
  • USB-Midi output.

A table-top electronic drum set that comes with 7-velocity sensitive drum pads. If you are a beginner or a person looking to play a drum set that produces realistic sound of a drum you should think Alesis CompactKit 7.

A list of preset play along songs, in-built percussion voices and drum kits that this portable electronic drum kit comes with, will make you start enjoying the sound right away.

Alesis also comes with 3-digit LED display to allow you see all operational settings including the pad being struck. Apart from this visual feedback system, Alesis also has a self-recording function that will record you as you enjoy playing your favourite tones.

This is a portable electronic drum kit that allows you to play from anywhere. You can use 6 x C batteries (not included) and take your CompactKit 7 anywhere you want. Also comes with a User Guide, Power Supply, Safety and warranty manual and Drumsticks.

Definitely an amazing electronic drum kit, however, one of the disadvantages is that some beginners find it hard keeping up with its teaching mode.

3) Alesis Nitro Kit

Average user rating (4.8 / 5)

  • Easy to handle module.
  • Better looking and sturdier rack.
  • 40 slots mixed with 385 realistic sounds.
  • 42 different beats to help beginners learn with guidance.
  • Double bass pedal.

Alesis Nitro Kit is one of the bestselling electronic drum kits for beginners. It’s the perfect electronic drum whether you are a beginner rehearsing in your room or a professional playing it on stage. If you want to record while playing, all you need is a laptop and an additional cable.

Also comes with an in-built training function to guide and help beginners in electronic drum kits. An easy to recommend electronic drum kit for anyone planning to get into the world of drumming or a professional who trains and rehearses on a regular basis before playing on stage.

4) Gear4music Digital Drums 400

Average user rating (4.5 / 5)

  • User friendly controls for beginners and professionals.
  • USB and MIDI enabled for connection to a computer.
  • Stereo output for connection to speakers for extra volume.
  • 10 preset kits consisting of a crash, a snare and 3 toms.
  • 40 drum patterns and 108 individual voices.

The Digital Drums 400 is a compact electronic drum kit suitable for use in areas where there’s not enough space such as bedrooms, practice spaces and small studios.

When it’s not in use, you can pack it down and store it easily. Thanks to the lightweight frame which also makes it easy to be carried to class or practice. DD400 electronic drum kit comes with a quiet-kick drum pedal to minimize noise. You can also play without disturbing neighbours by using the headphone output feature.

Compatible with different programs and devices such as a Mac and PC. Suitable for use by professional drummers and beginners because of its user friendly controls. A great choice that won’t disappoint which can be enjoyed by both beginners and professional drummers.

5) Alesis Compactkit 4

Average user rating (4.3 / 5)

  • Comes with a music coach function to help beginners learn fast.
  • In-built game feature.
  • High quality rhythms and in-built sounds.
  • 4-velocity sensitive drum pads.
  • Creative game feature which makes it different from other kits.

If you are a young and upcoming drummer this is definitely the most suitable electronic drum kit to help you achieve your drumming goals. It’s a cheap electronic drum set recommended for beginners and professionals who play drums for fun.

Start playing and practicing with different rhythms and songs. If you are a beginner who prefers practicing alone without any disturbance, this table top drum kit also comes with a music coach function that displays notes and guidelines on its LCD screen.

For a beginner, you can use this in-built music coach functionality alongside the preset rhythms and songs as you gradually become experienced in drumming. You can play it anywhere by plugging or using 6 x C batteries (not included).

As you become accustomed to this electronic drum kit, you can advance through different levels by adjusting the tempo and testing yourself while learning.

6) Hizek 9 Pads Portable Roll Up Drum Kit

Average user rating (5 / 5)

  • 9-velocity sensitive.
  • 24-inch drum pads.
  • 2 foot pedals.
  • Foldable and compact design.
  • ABS + Silica material.
  • Waterproof appearance.

An upgrade from the Hizek 7 pads, the Hizek 9 pads is a type of electronic drum kit with a waterproof appearance and foldable design ideal for anyone whether you are a professional or a beginner.

Its portability means you can always carry with you when attending lessons, presentations or parties.

Unlike the Hizek 7 pads, this model comes with an inbuilt dual channel speaker that produces realistic and quality sound without connecting to external speakers. Its in-built AA batteries are specifically designed to ensure that you enjoy drumming anywhere.

Works well with MAC or PC and it is also compatible with many programs which makes it a versatile electronic drum kit. It cannot be damaged easily even if you leave it with your child. Thanks to the silica gel material.

7) ION Audio MKIII Professional 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set

Average user rating (4.4 / 5)

  • Virtual teaching software for easy learning.
  • AUX input.
  • 8-piece electronic drum set.
  • 108 percussion, cymbal and drum sounds in 15 different customizable drum sets.
  • Metronome for steady beat play.
  • 41 play along music patterns .

Electronic drum sets from this manufacturer are specifically designed with users in mind. It’s definitely easy to recommend ION MKIII professional electronic drum set to a beginner because it’s easy to learn and improve playing skills from the word go.

That’s probably the reason why ION always insists on versatility and adjustability. If you are looking for the best electronic drum set with quality sound and actual feel of playing a drum set, this is the right electronic drum set that offers that opportunity.

This is the right electronic drum set for a beginner who wants to use an electronic drum kit with advanced features to improve playing skills.

8) LeaningTech RUD003 7 Pads MIDI Electric Roll Up Drum Set

Average user rating (4.4 / 5)

  • Hi quality and realistic drum sound.
  • Comes with professional demo.
  • Excellent audio input and output.
  • In built metronome for steady play.
  • Recording function.
  • Expansive pedal.

LeaningTech RUD003 is a professional and electronic drum set for both beginners and experienced players. By playing this drum set, you’ll realize its powerful and high quality sound effect.

LeaningTech’s expansive pedals and settings are designed to make you experience sound effect of a real drum. You do not have to worry about learning or studying especially if you are a beginner because it’s an electronic drum kit that was made with users like you in mind.

You’ll find it convenient to practice because this drum set comes with a professional demo to help you improve playing skills.

One of the best drum sets available on the market and ideal for professionals who just plan to have fun playing or beginners looking for electronic drum kit with a professional demo and unique features to help them learn easily.

9) Roland TD-1K V-Drums

Average user rating (4.9 / 5)

  • 15 drum kits to play your favourite style of music.
  • Recording function.
  • On-board training function.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions.
  • Long lasting 5 year guarantee.

The Roland TD-1K V Drums is made by one of the leading manufacturers in the musical equipment industry.  Give yourself a head start with the 30 free online lessons included.

Sound-wise, Roland TD-1K produces solid set of quality sound and it’s not as noisy as some electronic drum kits. Roland TD-1KV is one of best electronic drum kits ever made for professionals and beginners.

If you are planning to improve and become a professional in playing drums, you should start practicing with this versatile electronic drum kit. It comes with easy instructions to help you assemble it fast.

10) Gear4music DD40 Electronic Drum Pads

Average user rating (4.6 / 5)

  • 50 different play along rhythms and songs
  • Rhythm training function
  • Headphone output and inbuilt speaker
  • Four Assignable velocity-sensitive pads
  • 80 different voices

This electronic drum kit is perfect for starters looking to improve drum playing skills. If you are a professional drummer then this is the best electronic drum kit for practicing.

It comes with play along songs, coaching and rhythm playing function, inbuilt speakers and headphone output. This is a drum set made for both professionals and beginners as it’s one of the best electronic drum kits ever made to help users sharpen drumming skills.

Apart from unique features DD40 comes with, it is also an electronic drum kit that supports silent practice to reduce noise and avoid disturbing neighbours.


Learning to play an instrument can help you discover more about yourself and maybe even showcase a hidden talent! Our list of the best electronic drum kit reviews will include both beginner and professional e-drum kits. If you’re not fully convinced learning to play the electronic drums is for you, then how about discovering the best electronic keyboard for beginners.

Regardless of what instrument you choose, playing an instrument can have a positive impact on your brain and body, no matter how old you are. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to learn how to play an instrument as there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, so there’s no excuse not to get started!