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Top 10 Best Karaoke Machines

Compare Our Top 10 Best Karaoke Machines Using Our Comparison Table Below
 1) Karaoke USA GF830 Karaoke Machine2) Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke Equipment3) Singing Machine SML-283 Portable CD-G Karaoke Player4) iDance Cube BC100 Karaoke System5) Vocal-Star VS-1200 Karaoke Machine
Average User Rating (4.4 / 5) (4 / 5) (3.7 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.2 / 5)
CD+Gs3 MP3+G discs (Total 535 songs)2 discs (Total 36 songs)3 discs (Total 56 songs)No150 songs
Record MusicYesNoNoNoYes
LCD Screen7"NoNoNoNo
Remote ControlYesNoNoNoYes
Microphone Jacks22224
Number Of Microphones21112
Auto Voice ControlNoYesYesNoNo
AUX InputYesYesNoYesNo
TV OutputYesYesYesNoYes
Disco LightsNoYesYesYesNo
PowerMainsMainsMains or batteriesMainsMains
Dimensions (cm)35 x 25 x 4634.1 x 23.5 x 26.523.2 x 10.5 x 25.120 x 20 x 2647 x 31.8 x 10.6
Box Contents- Karaoke USA GF830 Karaoke Machine
- 2 x Microphones
- Remote Control
- MP3+G Songs (3 Discs)
- Power Adapter
- RCA Cables
- User manual
- Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke Equipment
- 1 x Microphone
- 3 x CD+G Discs
- Power Adapter
- RCA Cables
- User manual
- Singing Machine SML-283 Portable CD-G Karaoke Player
- 1 x Microphone
- 3 x CD+G Discs
- Power Adapter
- RCA Cables
- User manual
- iDance Cube BC100 Karaoke System
- 1 x Microphone
- Power Adapter
- User manual
- Vocal-Star VS-1200 Karaoke Machine
- 2 x Microphones
- 8 x CD+G Discs
- Power Adapter
- RCA Cables
- User manual
Price**Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price**
 6) Singing Machine SML605W Agua7) Singing Machine SML-383 Portable CD-G Karaoke Player8) RockJam Karaoke Party Pack With 2 Microphones9) iDance Party Ball10) Frozen Karaoke Sing Along
Average User Rating (3.7 / 5) (3.9 / 5) (3.9 / 5) (4.1 / 5) (3.5 / 5)
CD+Gs3 discs (Total 56 songs)3 discs (Total 56 songs)2 discs (Total 32 songs)NoBuilt-in songs
Record MusicNoNoNoNoNo
LCD ScreenNoNoNoNoNo
Remote ControlNoNoNoNoNo
Microphone Jacks22221
Number Of Microphones11211
Auto Voice ControlYesYesYesNoNo
AUX InputYesNoNoYesYes
TV OutputYesYesYesNoNo
Disco LightsYesYesYesYesNo
PowerMainsMains or batteriesMains or batteriesMainsAA batteries
Dimensions (cm)31.9 x 23.8 x 45.429.8 x 15.7 x 34.626.4 x 24.2 x 22.220 x 20 x 2821.8 x 8.8 x 22.2
Box Contents- Singing Machine SML605W Agua
- 1 x Microphone
- 3 x CD+G Discs
- Power Adapter
- RCA Cables
- User manual
- Singing Machine SML-383 Portable CD-G Karaoke Player
- 1 x Microphone
- 3 x CD+G Discs
- Power Adapter
- RCA Cables
- User manual
- RockJam Karaoke Party Pack
- 2 x Microphones
- 2 x CD+G Discs
- Power Adapter
- RCA Cables
- User manual
- iDance Party Ball
- 1 x Microphone
- Power Adapter
- User manual
- Frozen Karaoke Sing Along
- 1 x Microphone
- Batteries
- User manual
Price**Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price**

A Guide To The Best Karaoke Machines

Whether you’re looking to get the party started or practice your own vocals, it’s important you have the best karaoke machine to suit the occasion.  Either way a home karaoke machine can provide hours of fun and entertainment for each session.  Saw a product you liked from our comparison table above?  Our karaoke machine reviews below will go into more detail on the top 5 products. If you can’t live without singing then you can opt for a model that’s also battery operated or buy a wireless karaoke microphone!  This will allow you to sing wherever you are as it’s battery operated.  Please note that this can’t be used as an additional microphone as it’s a standalone product. A typical karaoke machine will come with CD+Gs which allow you to play music and if it’s connected to the TV the lyrics will appear on the screen.  If there is a CD player then you can also play your own CD’s.  Most will have two microphone jacks, so you can sing solo, as a duet or as a group!  There are plenty of different features applicable to each home karaoke machine, see our tips on buying the best karaoke machine below.

Top 5 Best Karaoke Machine Reviews

1) Karaoke USA GF830 Karaoke Machine

  • Built-in 17cm LCD screen gives you the option of using this screen or the TV.
  • Connect your device via Bluetooth, AUX, USB or SD card.
  • Compatible with CD+Gs, MP3 discs and even DVDs.
  • Includes two microphones, 535 MP3+G songs and a remote control.
  • Record your own beautiful voice to USB or SD card.
Possible deal breaker
  • Can be quite pricey, if you’re going to be connecting the machine to the TV and not listen to the MP3+G songs provided, then the Singing Machine SML385 could be a better option.
No TV? No problem! This all in one karaoke machine with a built-in screen is a stand-alone unit that can be operated just by plugging it in the mains. Even better, think you’re going to absolutely smash it on a particular song? Hit that record button to show your friends that weren’t there to witness it live! There’s 535 tracks to choose from where the lyrics will be displayed on the built-in screen or on a TV. Furthermore, you can play music via Bluetooth, AUX, USB or a SD card! And, if you don’t fancy singing, then it can be used as just a music player or DVD player. Despite being a slightly more expensive portable karaoke machine, the GF830 does come with more features and accessories. It comes with two microphones, whereas most other karaoke machines only come with one microphone, so you’d have to buy another microphone anyway, adding to the overall cost.

2) Singing Machine SML385 Karaoke Machine

  • Get the party started with the built-in disco lights and flashing effects.
  • Includes 36 CD+G tracks which will display the lyrics to the music track.
  • Play music from other CDs, or stream music via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Can be used without a TV as well as it has built-in speakers.
  • Has two microphone jacks so you can sing duets together! (Only includes one microphone)
Possible deal breaker
  • Material it’s made from is a bit flimsy.
This looks like a party machine! Equipped with enough tracks to get you started, however you can stream music from your music device or connect via AUX as well. Now, all you need to do is add in some disco lights to get the party flowing! Having built-in speakers means you can use this as a stand-alone unit as well, when a TV is not available. Alternatively, plug it to your TV with the included RCA cables so those who don’t know the lyrics can singalong too. It’s also very portable so you can take it away with you on trips!

3) Singing Machine SML-283 Portable Karaoke Player

  • Disco light effect for that party feel.
  • Includes 36 CD+G tracks of chart hits as well as 20 CD+G tracks of children’s classics.
  • Has auto voice control (AVC) and echo control.
  • Two microphone jacks with volume control and includes one microphone.
  • Built-in speaker means you can use it without being connected to the TV.
  • Can be powered by batteries or mains.
Possible deal breaker
  • Microphone included is the best quality and can be a bit flimsy.
A perfect karaoke machine for any beginners, kids or even adults! Portable, lightweight and has the option of being powered by batteries or mains means it can be taken literally anywhere with you! Get a few practice sessions in first with auto voice control, this function will mute the vocals on multiplex recordings when you start to sing and when you stop singing the vocals will be resumed. This is one of the cheapest and best Singing Machine karaoke systems which offers great value for money. If you’re unsure on what’s the best karaoke machine and you don’t want to spend loads, then this is a brilliant choice.

4) iDance Cube BC100 Karaoke System

  • Powerful 50 Watt sound system.
  • Stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Built-in disco ball for the perfect party lightshow. You can choose from several different light modes.
  • Add some echo to your voice for that special effect with echo mode.
  • Dual microphone input for your favourite singing partner.
Possible deal breaker
  • Can’t connect it to the TV as it doesn’t support CD+Gs.
First of all, it’s not as big as it looks! Its dimensions are 21 x 21 x 26cm so it makes a great portable karaoke system! Turn the lights off and check out the light show! Choose from strobe or colourful spinning patterns being projected onto the wall and ceiling. In addition, there’s also a guitar input for anyone who’s talented enough to add their own special touch! If not then it’s never too late with a beginner’s electric guitar! Overall the iDance Cube BC100 is perfect for those who want to sing karaoke and don’t require the lyrics.

5) Vocal Star VS-1200 Karaoke Machine

  • Big selection of 150 CD+G tracks to choose from.
  • Get even more music with the ability to play via Bluetooth from your devices, USB and SD card.
  • Let even more people join in with 4 microphone inputs.
  • Scoring function will grade your performance so you know how good you are or if you need to improve!
  • Two microphones and remote control included.
Possible deal breaker
  • Not really portable due to its size.
The Vocal Star VS-1200 is a great professional karaoke machine which is more suitable for adults, but that’s not to say you won’t have fun. Since it has 4 microphone inputs, how can you not have fun!? That’s right, now 4 people can join in the fun at a time! And, with the scoring function, the weakest link can be eliminated until you find the perfect four! Although you don’t need a big group to enjoy yourself, this is also perfect for anyone who wants to sing solo too. Record yourself to listen to how you sound and constantly improve!

How To Choose The Best Karaoke Machine

The Singing Machine SML-283 is great for first timers!

There are many factors to consider when you’re searching for the best home karaoke system to get the party started.  We listed the features from the table below and we’ll explain what each of the features do so you can decide whether you need that feature or not as this can increase the price. Bluetooth – You can get a lot more use out of the karaoke player as this allows you to play your own music through any Bluetooth enabled device such as your smartphone.  No lyrics will appear on screen if you connect via Bluetooth. CD+Gs – Stands for compact disk plus graphics, CDs played in this format will show lyrics on screen when connected to a TV.  If there is a CD player then you can also play your own CDs but with no lyrics or you can buy additional CD+Gs. Record music – Allows you to record audio live, you can then save the recording to either a USB device or SD card, depending on the model. LCD screen – Having a screen means you can use the machine to display lyrics without having to be connected to a TV or you still can connect to a TV and have the lyrics on a bigger screen.  Machines without a built-in screen can still function when it’s not connected to a TV but you just won’t be able to see the lyrics.

Get a disco microphone to light the place up!

Remote control – Control the karaoke system using the remote control as well as from the machine itself. Microphone jacks – The number of sockets that you can plug a microphone into, most karaoke machines will have a maximum of two microphone jackets. Number of microphones – Microphones that are included in the package, if you need to buy an extra microphone then you can get a standard microphone for cheap that’ll work on all standard karaoke machines. If you prefer something a bit more disco like then you can get a microphone with LED flashing lights to add a bit more flavour to the party! Auto voice control (AVC) – When AVC is activated, the vocals on a track is muted when the singer starts singing, when the singer stops singing then original vocals will be resumed.  This feature will only work on multiplex recordings, so won’t work with your own music and it’s very useful for practice sessions. Echo – Adjust your voice so it has more depth to give it a concert hall effect. Balance – Allows you to control the left/right channel individually, so you can completely disable one channel.  AUX input – Connect music devices to play your own music via the auxiliary input.  As with Bluetooth connected devices, no lyrics will appear on screen if you use your own music device. TV output – Connects the karaoke player to the TV so the lyrics can be displayed on the TV, although it’s not compulsory to connect it to a TV as the karaoke player will still work on its own. Disco lights – Puts on a light show to provide a disco effect.  Most machines will allow you to reduce or turn off the disco lighting. Power – Most are operated by plugging it into the mains but some have the option of using batteries as well, making it a more portable karaoke machine. Dimensions/Weight – If you’ll be frequently moving the karaoke player from one place to another then check the size and weight to see if it’s portable enough. Box contents – Everything that’s included in the package, no need to buy separate RCA cables as this is usually provided.  

Best Karaoke Machine For Kids

There are plenty of options to choose from and a lot of people would question whether a specific model is suitable for kids or not.  Most of the karaoke machines shown in our table are user friendly and will be suitable for kids.  Here are our top 5 picks for the best karaoke machines for kids:
  1. Singing Machine SML385
  2. Singing Machine SML283
  3. iDance Party Ball
  4. Frozen Karaoke Sing Along
  5. RockJam Karaoke Party Pack

The Best Karaoke CDs

One of the best things about having the best home karaoke machine is when you have the lyrics come up on a TV screen, there shouldn’t be anyone that doesn’t know the words so everyone can join in.  We can’t guarantee that everyone will be in tune but at least they’ll know the words! As the karaoke machines might not have many songs you like on the CD+Gs provided, we’ve listed the best CD+Gs below that might suit your taste.
  1. The Ultimate Karaoke Party Park (6 discs, 90 songs) – The best 90s party hits.
  2. Karaoke Party Hits Vol 1 (8 discs, 150 songs) – The best every karaoke tracks of all time.
  3. Girls Karaoke Hits (8 discs, 150 songs) – Girly songs for those crazy nights in!
  4. 2016 Chart Hits (4 discs, 80 songs) – Top chart hits.
  5. Disney Karaoke Series: Frozen (1 disc, 16 songs)
  6. Zoom Karaoke Pop Box 2016 (6 discs, 120 songs) – Best pop songs from 2016.
  7. Zoom Karaoke Pop Box 4 (6 discs, 120 songs) – Pop hits from the past.