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Top 5 Best Fake Snow Machines UK

Compare Our Top 5 Best Fake Snow Machines Using Our Comparison Table Below
 1) Beamz 900W Snow Machine2) Beamz 1800W Disco Artificial Snow Machine 3) Beamz Portable Snow Machine4) QTX Snow Machine Generator5) Snowstorm 500W Snow Machine
Average User Rating (4.7 / 5) (4.5 / 5) (4.5 / 5) (4 / 5) (4 / 5)
Tank Capacity1L2.5L1.2L1.2L1L
Remote ControlYesYesYesYesYes
Fluid IncludedYes (4 x 5L bottles)Yes ( 3 x 5L bottles)Yes (5L bottle)NoNo

A Guide To The Best Fake Snow Machines

Take full advantage of the festive season by buying the best fake snow machine for your house party, disco, gathering, etc.  We’re not always guaranteed snow in the UK which usually makes the cold weather more enjoyable, but at least an artificial snow machine is the next best option!

You may have seen fake snow machines used in nightclubs, ice rinks, santas grottos, Christmas fairs, stage productions, etc, but now you can host your own event.  Add a bit of sparkle when everyone’s singing their hearts out on the home karaoke machine or dancing away to the vinyl record player.

If you find yourself regularly hosting Christmas parties then it might be cheaper overall to buy an artificial snow machine rather than rent one.  Just for the record, you can’t make a snowball out of the fake snow!


How To Choose The Best Snow Machine UK

Although a snow machine is not really complicated, there are still factors to take into consideration to ensure you choose the best fake snow machine.  Below is a list of the main features and things to look out for.

Power – Depending on what you want to use it for, you would need to choose one with the right amount of power.  Lower Wattage models won’t cost as much money and would be ideal for indoor use such as house parties and gatherings.  A powerful snow machine is probably better of the event is being held in a hall or large area.

Tank capacity – As with power, the size of the tank capacity will depend on the type of use.  Usually more powerful models will have a larger tank to compensate as more fake snow will be pumped out quicker.

Remote control – All models will come with a remote control to enable you to easily control the machine.  Generally it would be a corded remote control so you’ll still have to be relatively close to the machine in order to change the settings.

Fluid included – All of the snow machines operate on snow fluid in order to produce the fake snow.  Since many of the machines don’t come with any fluid, you can buy snow machine fluid separately.

On average a 1L tank will last for around 15 minutes of continuous snow, based on a 600W fake snow machine.  So, depending on how carried away you get, you can easily go through a few litres of snow machine fluid if you’re not careful!



It’s amazing how so many people get excited over fake snow, once you unleash your secret weapon at your Christmas party, you’ll see exactly what we mean.  All of the snow machines are light enough to be easily taken from one place to another, so you can even lend it to a friend.  Take the future into your own hands and make this year a white Christmas!

We’ll be honest, there’s not a great deal of choice to choose from when it comes to buying a home snow machine. However, you may have noticed there seems to be more products made by Beamz, who are a UK based company. This should guarantee the quality of the product a bit more as opposed to buying it from an unknown cheaply made brand.

Here’s a short video clip of what you can expect from a mini fake snow machine!