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Top 5 Best Gel Nail Starter Kit With UV Lamp Reviews UK

Compare Our Top 5 Best Gel Nail Starter Kit With UV Lamps From Our List Below

Don’t you love it when you do your nails at home and they look like they were done at a classy salon? Then you’re waiting for them to dry, but as you tap away on your phone, you realise there is a cut line right through your nail polish. The frustration! If you find yourself experiencing this situation often, perhaps you should consider investing in some of the best gel nail starter kits.

These kits include a UV lamp, which helps dry inks quickly (now you don’t have to wait for ages for the polish to dry). They also include a range of nail polishes with a variety of colours. You could also consider getting one of these starter kits for a friend or family member who always complains about how their nails are chipped! We’re sure they will appreciate this. Make sure you take a thorough look through these kits!

Our Top 5 Best Gel Nail Starter Kit With UV Lamp Reviews

1) Mylee 10 Piece Kit With UV Lamp

Average user rating (4.7 / 5)

  • Impress your friends with your salon quality nails, which can last up to 14 days!
  • Dry your nails in two minutes with the UV curing lamp.
  • Prep and wipe the nail plate clean of gel residue and remove your nail polish easily.
  • Bundled with a six month warranty from date of purchase.
  • Includes: a UV curing lamp, Bluesky top and base coat, Bluesky gel polish, cuticle oil, 200 lint-free wipes, Mylee prep and wipe (250ml), Mylee gel remover (250ml), edge buffer, and cuticle sticks. Also, 4x9W UV bulbs.

Possible deal breaker:

  • Lamp bulb goes out often.

This professional gel nail kit with a UV lamp will make your nails look amazing for as long as 14 days! You only need two minutes with your hands under the UV curing lamp and viola! They are done. You can apply a top and base coat of good quality polish from Bluesky, as well as the gel polish itself. Mylee has provided you with the nail prep and polish wipe and gel remover too!

There is also a six month warranty too, in case you need some reassurance.



2) Mylee Professional Gel Polish LED Kit

Average user rating (5 / 5)

  • Have salon quality nails for the entirety of two weeks! The base coat will ensure that the nail polish is glued nicely on and the top coat provides a glamourous shine.
  • Only wait 15 seconds for your nails to be dried by the LED Pro Lamp.
  • Mylee Prep and Polish wipe will clean your nail plate and clear it of gel residue, while the 100% acetone gel remover gently removes the polish.
  • Comes with a two year warranty!
  • Can be used with UK, US, and EU plugs.
  • Includes: a Mylee Pro Salon Series Lamp, Mylee prep and wipe (250ml), Mylee gel remover (250ml), Bluesky top and base coat, 200 lint-free wipes, and 4x 10ml of the most popular Bluesky gel polish colours.

Possible deal breaker:

  • Slightly pricier for a gel nail starter kit.

Yet another professional gel nail kit, but as unique as it could be! You can show off your salon quality nails for up to two weeks, thanks to the great quality top and base coat. You only need to wait for 15 seconds with your hand inside the LED pro lamp for the nails to dry.

Also, you can do your nails anywhere with a UK, US, or EU plug available with this kit! To top it all off, there is a two year warranty included, so that’s one less thing to fret over.

3) Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit

Average user rating (4.7 / 5)

  • Can last for upto two weeks – no chips and still shiny!
  • Takes only fifteen seconds to cure the top and base coats.
  • Takes an additional 15 seconds to cure the polish colour itself.
  • LED lamp turns on automatically when you place your fingers inside the lamp, flashes at fifteen seconds, and turns off at thirty seconds.
  • Includes: a pro LED lamp, a gel cleanser (14.6ml), a gel primer (3.54ml), a gel top and base coat (3.69ml), a gel polish, 22 nail shields, a manicure stick, a buffer, and wipes.

Possible deal breaker:

  • The colours that are included aren’t great.

Maybe you aren’t looking for a professional nail kit, but rather a beginner gel nail kit instead. If you are, then you have found one! This one has a LED lamp, which can be activated when you place your fingers inside the lamp. After fifteen seconds, it will flash, letting you know that the top or base coat has been cured. After another 15 seconds, it will turn off, and your polish should be cured!

4) Elite 99 LED Nail Lamp Kit

Average user rating (4.5 / 5)

  • LED bulb lasts 5000 hours which equates to around 5 years of continuous use.
  • Low heat output, thus using very little electric.
  • Use to dry the gel on your fingernails and toenails.
  • 4 timer settings: 30s, 60s, 90s and 30 mins.
  • Includes: 12W LED nail lamp, 7.3ml gel nail polish & base coat set.
  • Lightweight and compact so easy to carry around.

Possible deal breaker

  • Takes longer than stated for the nails to dry.

Are you looking for a beginner gel nail kit? Then this is one you should highly consider, as it is also very reasonably priced. Would definitely save you some money in the long run and would make a perfect gift!

5) Bluesky UV Gel Starter Kit With UV Lamp

Average user rating (4.2 / 5)

  • Have beautiful nails for up to two weeks.
  • Installed with a twin timer.
  • Three polishes are selected randomly from the top ten most popular colours at the time.
  • Leave your nails in for two minutes and they will be cured after!
  • Includes: pro 36 watt UV lamp, 3x polishes, Bluesky’s soak off gel base and top coat, UV gel cleansers, and isopropyl alcohol finishing wipes.

Possible deal breaker:

  • Can’t select your own polish colours.

Along with this gel nail kit with a UV lamp, you can also receive three randomly selected colours. You can cure your nails in a matter of two minutes, which can be timed using the twin timer! Once cured, you can use the isopropyl alcohol finishing wipes to finally perfect your nails (which can last for two weeks).


Although it’s great having someone to do your nails for you, but wouldn’t it be better to do it yourself if you can do it exactly the way you want it. You may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t have a clue what to do!” Well, don’t you worry, the best gel nail starter kits will teach you step by step how you can make your own nails look like it had been done by a professional!

If you’re looking for a cheap gel nail starter kit to get started with then the Elite 99 nail kit is a great option. Although this doesn’t come with as many colours as what the Mylee gel nail starter kit comes with.

Save yourself money and maybe even time and learn a new skill by investing in a beginner gel nail kit. Who knows, you may even be able to start charging your friends if you do a good enough job with your own ones.