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Top 7 Best Digital Voice Recorder Reviews UK

Compare Our Top 7 Best Digital Voice Recorder From Our List Below

There are cameras and camcorders, but there are also digital voice recorders for the times you only need the audio. Sure, you could just use the voice record function on your phone, but you can’t do that in all situations. Which is why you should take a look at some of the best digital voice recorders.

Not all of us particularly enjoy listening to our own digital voices after having been recorded, but a voice recorder could come in handy quite often. Aside from using a voice recorder to record people’s conversations discreetly, you could use a voice recorder for taking notes during a meeting, lecture or an interview, or you can use it to help with your studies.

In addition, you can also use most of the digital audio recorders as a MP3 player, just like you would with some pocket DAB radios. If the listening to music aspect appeals to you more then perhaps even a waterproof MP3 player can be an alternative, but of course it can’t record audio!

Voice recorders can be quite useful to employers, workers, and students. They can also be a life saver for those who find themselves coming up with new ideas for music, stories, or anything really. You can record ideas as soon as they hit! Do you fancy the idea of such convenience? If you do, then you should definitely take a look at our list of the top 7 best digital voice recorders reviews.

Our Top 7 Best Digital Voice Recorder Reviews

1) Sony ICD-UX560 Digital Stereo MP3/LPM Voice Recorder

Average user rating (4.7 / 5)

  • Offers high recording quality (MP3/LPCM) with an ultra sensitive S-microphone.
  • Easy to use and to navigate through files.
  • Connect to PC with convenient, direct, built-in USB.
  • 4GB of built-in storage available, which can be expanded with microSD (SDHC/SDXC) cards.
  • Includes a built-in lithium battery, which can be quickly charged for three minutes for one hour of recording.
  • Can hold a maximum of 5000 files (199 files per folder).

Possible deal breaker:

  • No soft case supplied.

This sound recorder device looks somewhat retro, so if that’s your style, then you’ll definitely like this device. It offers high recording quality, which you can later listen to by connecting it to the PC with a convenient, direct, built-in USB.

Record for an hour from a quick burst of three minutes of charging, then store the recordings in the 4GB of built in storage, which can be expanded with a microSD card. This mini voice recorder can hold a maximum of 5000 files (199 files per folder).



2) ieGeek Digital Voice Recorder

Average user rating (4 / 5)

  • Installed with two highly sensitive microphones with smart dynamic noise reduction. When audio is played back with the external speakers, it is played back with high quality sound.
  • Voice activated recording – recording will automatically pause when no sound can be heard, but will continue to record when sound is picked up. Hands-free and saves memory space!
  • Built-in 8GB memory, upto 100 hours of recording can be stored. Offers up to twelve hours of continuous recording ad eight hours of audio playing.
  • Large LCD screen, which can be easily read.
  • Three in one (voice recorder, MP3 player, and FM radio). Can easily transfer audio to PC via the supplied USB cable.
  • Includes a one year warranty.

Possible deal breaker:

  • Doesn’t cancel out background effectively.

Fit this mini voice recorder into your pocket and take it anywhere – even to dark places! The large LCD screen will light up, so that you can read it in all lightings. You can use this voice recorder as a MP3 player and a FM radio as well, but the voice recording side of it all is definitely the best part of it. It records when it detects sound, but stops recording automatically when nothing can be heard. Not only does this save memory space, it is also hands-free!

There is 8GB of built in memory, which allows up to 100 hours of recording to be stored. For twelve hours, you can continuously record and for eight hours, you can play high quality audio. To put the cherry on top, there is also a one year warranty.

3) Sony ICD-BX140 Digital Mono HVXC/MP3 Voice Recorder

Average user rating (3.8 / 5)

  • Voice activate recording with sound, then play it back to yourself with a built-in 300mW speaker.
  • Audio is clear and noise is reduced. Can be played in either a HVXC or MP3 format.
  • Installed with 4GB of memory (1043 hours!).
  • Has a maximum battery life of 45 hours (MP3 8kbps) or 30 hours (HVXC 2kbps). Powered by two AAA batteries, which are included.
  • An input and output port for connecting your headphones.

Possible deal breaker:

  • There isn’t a way to transfer your files to a PC, unless you have a cable with headphone jacks on both ends.

Sony’s voice recorder looks a bit like a brick phone from the beginning of the 2000s, but it has a far better audio quality than a brick phone would. You can listen to your clear, noise-reduced recordings through a built-in 300mV speaker in either a HVXC or MP3 format. You can store upto 1043 hours of recordings, thanks to the 4GB of built-in memory.

Power up this voice recorder with two AAA batteries (which are included) and leave it to record for a maximum of 45 or 30 hours. Plug in your headphones and listen up! There could be some very important notes to take notice of…

4) Milaloko Digital Voice Recorder

Average user rating (3.8 / 5)

  • Installed with two highly sensitive microphones, which can record sound from 15.2m away.
  • When the audio is played back, it is clear, loud, and noise-reduced.
  • Has two functions: a digital voice recorder and a MP3 player (switch between recording and listening to music with ease).
  • Offers multiple languages and a digital encryption setting to keep your recordings private and secure.
  • Can record continuously for up to 22 hours and provides 180 hours of storage, thanks to the build-in 8GB flash memory.
  • Small and lightweight, comfortable to hold.

Possible deal breaker:

  • A short delay before your voice is recorded.

We all love two-in-one items, don’t we? Even if you don’t, you’ll still be impressed at this portable audio recorder, which doubles as a MP3 player. With its two ultra sensitive microphones, it can record sound from 15.2 metres away, then play it back to you later with a pristine and noise-reduced sound. Your files are safe too and you have the digital encryption setting.

Record continuously for up to 22 hours – believe me when we tell you that the battery can last for that long! And you can store up to 180 hours of recordings. Record wherever and whenever you want too! The voice recorder is small, lightweight, and can be comfortably held in your hand, thanks to its zinc alloy die-casting shell.

5) Olympus VN-541 PC Digital Audio Recorder

Average user rating (4.2 / 5)

  • Slide up the recording switch and it will immediately begin to record, even if the power is off!
  • Select the appropriate scene setting on this device, so that it can record effectively. Choose between the four modes: memo, talk, music, and long play.
  • Cancels noise out effectively, so you don’t have to listen to the background fan.
  • Connects to the PC via a USB cable.
  • Has 4GB of built-in memory and 1570 hours of recording.
  • Organise a maximum of 199 files per folder.

Possible deal breaker:

  • Highest MP3 setting can only be used in stereo mode, not mono mode.

We often spend our time fumbling about with our gadgets, in attempt to power it on, but we don’t need to do that with Olympus’s sound recorder device. You just need to slide up the recording switch and it will immediately begin to record, even if the power is off! You can also select one of the four scene settings (memo, talk, music, and long play) to effectively record the audio.

When you play back the audio, you will realise that noise was cancelled out quite impressively, so you don’t have to listen to the air conditioning or the ceiling fan. This nifty device has a large memory of 4GB, which allows you to record upto 1570 hours! Impressive, right?

6) USB Spy Voice Recorder

Average user rating (4 / 5)

  • Looks exactly like a small USB stick – no markings suggesting any recording function and when recording, there is no flashing light.
  • Useful for covert recording, great as back evidence on legal matters.
  • Simple power switch to operate and one touch recording.
  • Includes an 8GB flashdrive.
  • Battery lasts a long time – can record for an entire day since it doesn’t consume much power.
  • Can easily transfer files over to the PC with this – just plug it in! There is no need to install any apps (MAC users may need a VLC player, though.)

Possible deal breaker:

  • Doesn’t include noise-cancelling, so audio sounds unclear.

Do you fancy yourself to be quite the spy? Perhaps you do and we have to tell you this: a spy isn’t complete without a discreet and portable audio recorder. Yes, it looks exactly like a USB stick! No one would ever suspect a thing – it doesn’t have any markings that suggest it is a recording device and when it is recording, there isn’t any flashing lights.

There is a simple on and off switch and you can easily begin recording with just one touch. You can record for an entire day if you wanted too! And at the end of the day, you can transfer your files over to the PC. No one will ever have to know…

7) Philips DVT2710 Digital Voice Recorder

Average user rating (3.8 / 5)

  • Installed with two built-in stereo microphones, which plays back noise-reduced audios.
  • Amazing speech recognition application (Dragon NaturallySpeaking), which converts your recordings into a text file, without you having to do anything. You can also record whatever you want in a MP3 format.
  • Offers up to 4GB of memory and you can expand that with a SD card.
  • Activate the recording function with your voice, so that you don’t have to use your hands.
  • Large, coloured screen provides a clear picture, so everything is easy to see and read.
  • Supports eight languages and is adapted for instinctive use.

Possible deal breaker:

  • Has a ‘cheap’ appearance.

Philips’ Digital Voice Recorder has something all of the other products don’t – a large, coloured screen and an impressive speech recognition software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking). With the speech recognition, it can turn all of your recordings into a text file. Or you can have your files remain in MP3 format! You have 4GB of memory (which can be expanded with a SD card) to use as you wish.

There is also a voice-activated recording function, so that you can record without using your hands. This voice recorder also supports eight languages, which is pretty useful.

How To Choose The Best Dictaphone Voice Recorder

Although more commonly known as a digital voice recorder, they’re also known as a dictaphone voice recorder.  Follow our guidelines below to ensure you buy the best Dictaphone.

Recording quality – We’re assuming the recording quality is one of the main reasons for buying a digital audio recorder in the first place.  However, only very few manufacturers will specify the technical specifications of the recording quality.

That being said, look out for features such as “highly sensitive microphone” that would indicate the recording would be of high quality.

Built-in memory – A larger built-in memory will give you a bit more flexibility.  You’ll be able to store more files without having to transfer old recorded files onto your laptop. 

Expandable memory – If the built-in memory is simply not enough, then having the option to expand the memory means you don’t have to worry as much about the capacity being used up.

MP3 player – Some will also have a built-in MP3 player which can be useful if you want to preserve the battery life on your phone.  However, transferring music to your dictaphone recorder can take up precious memory.

Headphone port – Ideal for listening to your recordings when you’re in a public or noisy place.  The last thing you want is for any confidential information to be played out loud through the external speakers!

Connectivity – Usually it can be connected to your laptop conveniently via USB.

Battery type – Most of the portable voice recorders will have a built-in rechargeable battery.  However, some will still operate on AAA batteries which can be handy if you’re nearly out of power.

Battery life – If you’ll be using the voice recorder for long continuous periods, make sure you pick a model with a good battery life. 



These are our top 7 products on voice recorders! When buying a voice recorder, you should consider different factors. For example, the price – if you are looking for a cheaper voice recorder, then you should consider the IeGeek and Sony ICD-BX140. You should also consider the situation you want to use the voice recorder in. Do you want the voice recorder to be more discreet? Then you should think about the USB spy recorder.

Maybe you like your files in an MP3 format too – if you do, then all of the products on this list are an option, except for the spy recorder. There is also the built-in memory to evaluate. All of them have built-in memory, ranging from 4GB to 8GB. There’s so much to consider, but you will eventually find the best digital voice recorder for you.